2007 Paris Brest Paris Photography

In August of 2007, Gregg Bleakney, along with motorcycle driver Stephan Schier, set out from Seattle to photograph the Paris-Brest-Paris ultra-endurance bicycle randonee. Documenting the ride from the seat of a motorcycle was an adventure in itself but in no way compared to what these cyclists experienced as friendly locals cheered them along the 1,200 KM route through the wind, rain and cold weather that plagued this year’s event.

Monday, December 10, 2007

WHIPS - The tricked out bicycles that tackled the PBP

Show off your "WHIP"! Send me photos of your Randonneuring steed with details about why it's cool, history, etc. and I'll post it to the gallery. Steeds do not have to be from the PBP. gthefish@yahoo.com

BIKES rides two wheels BIKE PORN gallery PBP france randonee CYCLE tour Pedalers TRIKE triples Reverse O’ Matic retro direct steel aluminum titanium carbon bamboo vintage antique VELO RICKSHA hubs spokes rims double top tube love recumbent Back to Back internal gears speed cassettes featherweight ti slipstreamers helmet fender tandem single FIXIE coroplast Crank

OR whateva' you want to call em'. This is a gallery of the bicycles that cruised the 2007 PBP.

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