2007 Paris Brest Paris Photography

In August of 2007, Gregg Bleakney, along with motorcycle driver Stephan Schier, set out from Seattle to photograph the Paris-Brest-Paris ultra-endurance bicycle randonee. Documenting the ride from the seat of a motorcycle was an adventure in itself but in no way compared to what these cyclists experienced as friendly locals cheered them along the 1,200 KM route through the wind, rain and cold weather that plagued this year’s event.

Monday, December 10, 2007

About Payment for Images

To pay for images go to PayPal.com and email funds to gthefish@yahoo.com

This Web site has been built for all of those who participated in the 2007 PBP. Gregg Bleakney and Stephan Schier personally funded 100% of the documentation costs associated with this project. With the exception of the professionally framed prints gallery of this Web site, all other images are offered for download only to friends, family, volunteers, or fans of the event who may print and display images solely for personal use.

The image resolution used in the galleries of this site is high enough for a nice 4" x 6" print. If you want high resolution, larger format prints then please visit the Professional Quality Prints section of this web site for more information on how to make that happen.

We have decided not to charge per image in a traditional commercial format in favor a much more interesting and fun Web 2.0 social experiment. If you want to download images for printing purposes or just simply enjoy the content presented in this Web site, please pay an amount that you feel is a fair exchange.

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